Sunday, September 15, 2013

 I have expanded my articles to different sites In order to try to make more money so I figured I would write a blog so you can see where my articles are all at. This way If you love my writing you can keep up with me better too. After all I write about a lot of different stuff. I am known as a hybrid writer because of this. Even though I write a lot about trends events with my take on the story I also write personal stuff about life around me. So I will add the links to the sites and profile page of that site so you can go right to me. I will even list the link where you can sign up If you like to write too so you can make some extra money also. I feel that If you gonna write then you should be able to make some money at It too. So this page will be expanded as time goes by so keep checking up on It to learn more about where you can read my writing at. Be sure to bookmark It too so you can find It's pretty fast.

 A little about me. As most of my readers know I am homeless due to events that were beyond my control. My dad and I we live In a van with our dog socks. A picture of her Is right here for everyone to see. Kind of look like she Is smiling in this picture. This picture was taken when my Geo Prizm was totaled by a crash on Dixie Highway In Florence KY. We pull out of that with no one being hurt. But we ended up having to sleep In the woods for two days. How we ended up with the van we have now. The woods were very rough we did not sleep too well I am happy to have van now as It Is much more room to live In.It does not take the place of the house. But at least we have shelter for now. My dad survived two cancer operations he had colon and kidney cancer. Both unrelated to each other. That Is how we ended up homeless.My dad can play musical instruments too. I will upload the video to a different website as YouTube is being a pain In the rump with me about blocking my account. This Is It for now and I will add the links to my articles on other websites as I come up with them
 This Is a listing of all my bubblew articles too.

My articles on bubblew.

 If you love to write then maybe you should give them a try. The link below will take you there.
Link to sign up and start making some extra money. I have made over 100 bucks on this site too.

My profile page for bubblew. On this page you can find all my articles that I have written. Just click on the user profile archives to see the complete listing.

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